Syncros has over 15 years experience in supplying the education sector with entrance matting products. From Primary schools to Universities we have the knowledge, experience and products to make sure your floors are protected from the levels of foot bourne dirt that hordes of little (and not so little) feet can bring in on a daily basis.

As well as preventing slips and falls and creating the right first impression, entrance matting systems play an important part in keeping the flooring of education establishments clean and hygienic.

Factors we consider when advising you on the right choice of product include:

  • Expected level of foot traffic entering the building
  • Type of dirt that the system would need to cope with i.e. what type of surfaces are outside that could affect this e.g. a muddy rugby pitch or a tarmac playground?
  • Type of traffic expected i.e. foot, wheeled or both?
  • Size and shape of the area that the entrance matting needs to cover
  • Aesthetic requirements of the entrance matting, colours, materials etc.
  • Incorporation of school logo into the system
  • Ongoing maintenance programme
Select a manufacturer
  • 3M
  • Forbo 
  • Gradus
  • EMCO 
  • Jaymart
  • Construction Specialties
  • Intramatting Systems
  • Heckmondwike
  • Rawson
  • COBA
  • EMS