Shopping Centre Entrance Matting Solutions


Syncros has supplied custom matting solutions to shopping centres across the UK. Many factors can affect the choice of entrance matting.  With its extensive experience within the Shopping Centre sector, Syncros can help you choose a solution that is fit for purpose and cost effective. 

Factors to consider include:

  • Expected level of traffic entering the centre
  • Type of soiling that the system would need to cope with i.e. what type of surfaces are outside the centre that could affect this.
  • Type of traffic expected i.e. foot, wheeled or both?
  • Need to cope with heavy loads and frequency.
  • Presence of one or several entranceways
  • Size and shape of the area that the entrance matting needs to cover
  • Aesthetic requirements of the entrance matting, colours, materials etc.
  • Incorporation of corporate logo into the system
  • Ongoing maintenance programme

Finance Options

Syncros are offering carefully tailored finance solutions to help spread the cost of your new entrance matting. The 3 or 5 year agreements allow customers to pay for their new entrance matting on a monthly basis, not only to help maintain healthy cash flow, but also to allow customers to take advantage of the possible tax relief available on finance agreements.

For more information on the finance options available, please call us on 01234 314 314. 





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