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Shopping Centre, the business of retail destinations, is the essential read for anyone involved in the shopping centre industry. Syncros have provided Shopping Centre Magazine readers with useful articles to help them with anything to do with entrance barrier matting in shopping centres. To read these articles just click on the relevant section below...


 Make sure your suppliers fit the bill!

Syncros works closely with customers to accommodate budgets without compromising on mat quality or service.

 Stuck with a Sticky Situation?

We've got it covered!

 Key to the Floor

Unlocking the secrets of entrance matting!

 The Finishing Touch

Read how there's more to safety than ticking a box!

It’s true – size really is everything!

With so many areas for Health and Safety to cover in shopping centres, the importance of an entrance matting installation is one area that shouldn’t be underestimated.

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Unknown stains and chewing gum: The battle scars of a well used entrance!

Having the right entrance matting can play a critical role in the efficient running of a busy shopping centre by reducing cleaning expenditure, extending the life of expensive flooring and helping to reduce the risk of slip accidents.

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Bright, Welcoming & Safe All Helps to Attract the Family Market

The family audience is a key demographic for any centre, with families more likely to visit a broad spectrum of retail outlets plus a combination of retail, dining and leisure facilities in a single visit, making a longer visit time than many other visitors. 

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Entrance Matting – Surviving the Masses

In this day and age, every product decision should include consideration of the product’s life cycle.

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