My journey into the world of matting began in the early nineties with Stardust Mats as a route driver and fitter for laundry matting and fixed entrance mats, before being promoted to Operation Supervisor in 1993.

After a brief stint as a Manager in 1994, I worked my way up to Commercial Manager before the company was sold to PHS in 1996. However, my career with PHS wasn’t to begin yet! I was head hunted by Floor Protection Services (FPS) and began work as Senior Field rep in 1997 selling all types of matting and washroom services before being promoted to Sales Manager in 2001.

I later joined the board as the Sales and Marketing Director of FPS before the company was sold in 2007 to, yes, you’ve guessed it, PHS! I am now the General Manager of the Specialist Mats Division of PHS which incorporates both the Syncros Entrance Matting Systems business and Matta Products business.

Over the last 21 or so years I’ve gained vast experience in all aspects of the matting field. So much so I’ve helped develop some of the products available today. I work closely with all the major leading manufacturers in designing new products and re-engineering old products for the market place.

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    • 3M
    • Forbo 
    • Gradus
    • EMCO 
    • Jaymart
    • Construction Specialties
    • Intramatting Systems
    • Heckmondwike
    • Rawson
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