Heckmondwike Carpet Tiles


Key features...

  • Polypropylene / Polyamide mixes:
  • 50 x 50cm Tiles
  • Supercord – 7.6mm Tiles
  • Broadrib – 8.8mm Tiles
  • Wellington Velour – 11.2mm Tiles
  • Hobnail – 8mm Tiles
  • Montage – 9.3mm Tiles
  • Momentum – 9.6mm Tiles

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Heckmondwicke carpet tiles are perfect commercial carpets and ideal for areas of heavy wear and tear. With a wide range of colours and finishes you're sure to find a fibre bonded carpet to meet your needs.

One product, for instance the tough, durable yet highly cost competitive Supacord is a fibre bonded range, making it the ideal hardwearing carpet for the education sector. The ability to cut designs from the 40 available colours, mean that it is a cost effective creative flooring. This means that it's a commercial carpet that is also popular in office environments, retail outlets, libraries and other public buildings.