Jaymart Alligator


Key features of Jaymart Alligator...

  • Aluminium Entrance Matting Range
  • Closed construction
  • Choice of infill formats in a 14mm profile:
  • Forefront - 20mm - Polypropylene Brush
  • Interzone - 17mm - Polypropylene Chevron
  • Raincheck - 17.5mm - HD Contract Nylon
  • Track - 15mm - Fine Fluted Rubber
  • Warcord -15mm - Polypropylene Rib

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Download Specification Jaymart Alligator-Forefront

Download Specification Jaymart Alligator-Interzone

Download Specification Jaymart Alligator-Raincheck

Download Specification Jaymart Alligator-Track

Download Specification Jaymart Alligator-Warcord

Product NameActual GaugeInlay MaterialLocationConstructionColours
126 Jaymart Alligator-Track  15 mmRubberBoth indoor & outdoor suitableClosedBlack
128 Jaymart Alligator-Warcord  15 mmPolypropyleneIndoor suitable onlyClosed11 colour options
Jaymart Alligator is a heavy duty entrance matting system designed for internal and sheltered external medium/high traffic situations. Jaymart Alligator combines micro-ribbed cord extra heavy duty polypropylene matting and alternating ridged silver aluminium scraper sections. Jaymart Aligator is available in either heelsafe open construction or standard closed construction. Jaymart Alligator is ideal for medium traffic applications such as schools shops libraries and commercial buildings etc. where effective dirt and moisture removal is essential. Suitable for wheeled traffic.