Matwell Frame Kits

Key features of Matwell Frame Kits...

  • Available in 48 hours
  • Made to specified dimension as a kit
  • 50mm x50mm x 6mm
  • 38mm x 38mm x 6mm
  • 25 mm x 25mm x 3mm
  • 15.8mm x 15.8mm x 3.2mm
  • Easy to Fit Kits
  • In Stock –off the shelf

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Syncros offer a range of Matwell Frame Kits usually available within 48 hours due to the large stock held at our Kempston warehouse. Most entrance areas have a matwell and frame consisting of an aluminium frame fixed into the concrete sub floor. Syncros can supply the bespoke matwell frame kit ready for installation prior to the matting being installed.

Simply call the Syncros team for more information and advice on the Matwell Frame Kit product range.